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Hair Extension Colors



Do hair extensions damage your hair? 


A. No. There are four fundamental steps to healthy, safe hair extensions. They must be fitted correctly and safely, you must follow the correct aftercare using the correct products, you must stick with your maintenance schedule & they must be removed safely. You may think because they are still fine you can go longer between maintenance appointments but this is when damage/stress to the hair can occur. Each ring/tape has a certain amount of your own natural hair in to take the weight of the extensions. The maintenance times are given because during the weeks after your fitting appointment you will of naturally shed your own hair thus meaning not enough of your natural hair in the ring/tape is attached to the scalp so damage could now occur.


Q. Will aftercare instructions be provided?


A. Absolutely! There is a whole page for you on here covering just about everything you need to know about aftercare. If you still have a question just contact me.


Q. Which hair extension method causes the least damage?


A. Just like in the first question, as long as the extensions are fitted, maintained and removed properly then no method that I fit should cause any damage. I have clients that have worn extensions including myself for 5+ years, with no signs of damage!


Q. How long does my hair need to be, to be able to wear hair extensions?


A. Ideally at least 4" long. There needs to be enough length in your natural hair, to be able to hide any attachments, as well as being able to blend seamlessly into the extensions. The shorter your natural hair, the shorter the extension length I will recommend so that it looks like a realistic natural haircut. If you're unsure if your hair is long enough, feel free to send me a photo of your hair and I can make a recommendation. 


Q. I'm not sure which method or range I want, can you help?


A. Of course, I recommend you book a consultation where we can have a chat, take a look at your own hair, go through some questions. I can then give recommendations on the best options for you - based on your budget, lifestyle, hair length and texture etc.


Q. How long does each fitting last?


A. Nano Tips, Micro Tips, Tiny Tips, Stick Tips should all be worn for between 8-12 weeks at a time, before they will need to be removed/re-fitted. Weaves, Wefts, Rows need to be removed/re-fitted at around 6-9 weeks. Tapes need to be removed/refitted every 6-8weeks. If extensions are left in too long, they can cause tension and become uncomfortable to wear, so please ensure you return to have them removed/re-fitted within the suggested timescales. If you are unsure if your refit is due. Please send clear pictures of the attachment to see if we need to schedule your appointment asap for removal/refit or if we can push back a week or two.


Q. Will you be able to match my hair colour?


A. I have a huge range of extension colours including mixed highlighted shades, root drags, balayage & bright/vivid colours. I often mix multiple shades so your match is perfect & bespoke to you. So yes your hair colour can always be matched.


Q. Are hair extensions hard to look after?


A. As long as you follow your aftercare instructions, you shouldn't run into any problems! No extensions are particularly difficult to look after, but you do need to treat them differently to your own hair. Aftercare is really important, I have an entire page dedicated to it on here that should answer any questions & I am always on hand to ask any questions afterwards.


Q. Can I wear hair extensions if I have hair loss?


A. This will really depend on where the hair loss is, how much loss you have and what has caused the loss. I would recommend that you get in touch and send me a photo so I can make a honest bespoke recommendation. I am a hair extension technician not a dermatologist, if you are unsure as to why you are losing or have lost hair I recommend seeking medical advice for diagnosis & treatment.


Q. Are your extensions made from real, human hair?


A. Yes, all of the hair I fit is 100% human hair. I live, breath even dream of extensions so I am constantly researching methods and brands, to be able to bring my clients the best options from the world of hair extensions!


Q. Are your hair extensions ethically sourced?


A. This is really important to me, and all of the suppliers I use assure us that their extensions are ethically sourced. 


Q. Will hair extensions suit me?


A. I will be honest hair extensions aren't for everyone. Some styles definitely lend themselves more to hair extensions, which is why it's so important to have a consultation. I would rather say 'no', or 'not yet', than fit hair extensions which I'm not completely proud of! If your hair is quite short, we may suggest that you wait - please be patient, we promise it'll look so much better and be easier to take care of, once there is a little more length!


Q. Can hair extensions be coloured?


A. Hair extensions are coloured differently, as they're designed to hold their colour. They are gently processed, and coloured with something closer to fabric dye, than hair colour. This it to ensure they match the colours on the colour ring, and don't fade. Because of this, you cannot lift hair extensions like you can natural hair, however you can have them coloured/toned but this will lessen the lifespan of the hair.

Q. How are hair extensions fitted?

A. I offer 4 different fitting methods:


Micros/Mini Tips/Little Tips/ Stick tips



I stick with these 4 as there is basically at least one method to suit everyone. Each hair extension range page describes how each method is fitted.

Q. I'm transitioning, can I have hair extensions fitted?

A. What? Why would you need to even ask that question . . .Absolutely, everyone is welcome to book and I would love to help! Please contact me or book your free consultation and we will take it from there.

Q. I have a question that hasn't been answered here, how do I reach you?

A. You can get in touch with me at the bottom of the Homepage, via email at the bottom of this page or Instagram. Ask any questions you may have and I will get back to you within working hours.

Hair Extensions FAQ & problem solving: About

Hard water/Colour Change

Hard Water which in a nutshell

is when your homes water supply runs through limestone or chalk so traces of calcium & magnesium molecules will be found in your water. Kettles or shower screens are the biggest victims to this but you have to also think so is your skin & hair. The marks you see on household items which is a chalk texture is actually a build up which also builds up on your hair making it incredibly hard for any moisturising products  such as conditioners, treatments, leave in conditioners or serums to penetrate the hair which can lead to a whole load of problems. So like your shower or kettle if you live in a hard water area you also need to descale your hair!

How will you know if hard water is affecting your hair?

  • Hair Breaking

  • Dull hair lacking shine

  • Itchy/flaky Scalp

  • Hair knotting

  • Color turning orange/brassiness

  • Colour fading

  • Feeling dry

What can you do?

  • Apply a Malibu C treatment

  • Install a filtered shower head

  • Use a clarifying shampoo

Hair Extensions FAQ & problem solving: Hard Water

Extentions & Holidays

Hair Extensions should be removed where possible before sun holidays. I would never advise a new set before you go so I would use your old set if you feel you really can’t be without, why?

  • Chlorine/sea water will damage and dry out extensions

  • Intense heat can cause keratin tips (tips of nanos/stick tips/itips/tiny tips/micros) or tape adhesive to become tacky

  • Blondes can turn orange/pink/green and Brunettes can turn green/khaki/orange or they may fade this can be due to the below problems

-Magnesium levels in the water

- Chlorine

- Suncream

- The Sun

Things to do on whilst on holiday..

  • DO NOT go to bed with wet hair

  • DO NOT submerge extensions into the pool or sea!

  • DO NOT use frizz control sprays on hair extensions they contain oil 

  • If absolutely unavoidable (l.e

water sports ) then wet hair entirely with fresh shower water before entering pool/ sea - Once hair has

absorbed clean water it will lessen the

absorption of chemicals / salt etc

  • Wear hair high to avoid unnecessary dipping in chlorine/sea

  • Take correct products & include

additional hair extension masks and

protein sprays

Hair Extension Colors
Hair Extensions FAQ & problem solving: Hair & Holidays
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