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Aftercare for wefts, tapes & nanos


  • Brush your hair before getting in the shower this will help you during & after washing (less breakage/knotting)

  • Showers are best for washing your hair (baths can not only knot the hair but it also leave residue so your hair will need washing more often)

  • Don't use scalding water when washing your hair - this has the same drying out effect as heat tools

  • Shampoo twice with a clarifying sulphate/paraban free shampoo - this will thoroughly cleanse the hair & you will actually use less product, use pea size amount on each wash the first won't really lather but the 2nd one certainly will

  • Make sure you rinse all of the shampoo out - it is a common mistake for people to leave shampoo in their hair it will make it dull/greasy/lifeless/itchy & you also won't get aslong between washes 


  • Remove as much water as you can maybe even squeeze (not rub) with a microfibre towel

  • Apply sulphate free conditioner to lengths/ends only always avoiding attachments (leaving water in the hair only dilutes conditioner & you will not get the full benefits of the product as the majority will run off with the water)

  • Use a wide tooth comb through the lengths & ends - this will help you get full coverage Leave on for as long as possible (this gives it time to penetrate the hair) 

  • Rinse out thoroughly with warm water - to make sure all product is gone, the moisturising properties will stay (leaving any on will actually give something to burn on the hair when using heat tools & stop other products from protecting the hair)

  • Finish with an as cold as possible rinse - this helps close the cuticle so moisture stays in, it will also help your hair shine

  • Remove as much water with your hands holding the hair in a low pony & twisting like you are going a bun can help

  • Pat/squeeze dry with a micro fibre towel NEVER RUB

Rough Drying

  • Apply 1-2 pumps of serum in a downward motion to the lengths & ends (avoiding scalp & attachments

  • Use a tangle teezer to brush through your hair starting from the bottom and moving up by 1-2 inches when the part you are brushing is knot free

  • Apply 3-5 squirts of Heat Defense Spray all over your hair

  • If you are not 'blow drying' your hair, it still needs to be completely dry (leaving hair extensions wet or damp especially the roots is a big no no - the bad effects of this to the fitting, extensions & your own hair is endless)

  • Section your hair in half so you have a bottom section below the ears & a top section above the ears (if you wear wefts splitting it on top of each Weft is best)

  • Start to dry your bottom section on a medium heat brushing frequently from bottom to top to detangle then repeat with top section making sure all roots are 100% dry

  • Apply another 1-2pumps of serum to the lengths & ends

Blow Drying

  • Following the ‘Rough Drying’ advice above dry hair until it is 80% dry (Blow drying individual pieces when they are extremely wet is pointless & can also cause damage by having high heat on each section for a pro longed time)

  • Section your hair so you have left out a horizontal section from ear to ear about 2" thick at the bottom

  • Blow dry this section using a boar brush (round or paddle)

  • At this time you would start to create a curly or straight blowdry

  • Continue the process up the back of the head taking a 2" section each time

  • Apply another 1-pumps of serum to the lengths & ends

Styling your Hair

  • After following the process of a ‘Rough Dry’ (you do not want to fully blowdry the hair straight as then it will be difficult to hold the curl)

  • apply 3-4 squirts of Heat Defence spray

  • If you are planning to blow dry your hair only dry your hair 80%before sectioning off to then blow dry with brush 

  • If you plan to use a heated tool like straighteners, wand or tong make sure your hair is 100% dry, leaving any moisture behind will cause frizz & for curls to fall out or straight hair to kink

  • When finished styling make sure the hair is completely cool before brushing out (this will help your style hold)

  • Finish the perfect curls or sleek straight hair with 1-2pumps of serum

Aftercare Extra Care

  • Apply 1-2 pumps of serum or oil daily to the lengths & ends (this helps make the hair last longer & also can redefine curls)

  • Use a Conditioning treatment every 2 washes 

  • Tie your hair up or plait or bun your hair when going to bed

  • Avoid allowing your hair to contact water when swimming or in a hot tub

  • Try to only wash your hair 1-2 times a week

  • Make sure to always fully dry your hair before bed (or it will result in matting of the extensions & your own hair which will cause damage)

  • Do not tie hair up tightly as this can cause unnecessary strain to your own hair & the attachment

  • Stick to your regular maintenance appointments that have been advised

Aftercare: After Care
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